Welcome to my blog..

After about 4 years of "daily microblogging" on Facebook and voicing out my opinion to just my friends on FB; i decided to take this to the next level...
I'm pretty big-mouthed, with an opinion on mostly everything... Hopefully this blog would be beneficial and would set grounds for interesting discussions/debates..

This is just a pilot-post, I'll be deciding on the topic of my first real post through a mini-survey via comments on this post and on FB..

Stay tuned,


Sherine said...

WOW!!! I just can't believe that I'm your sister and just learnt about this blog by chance!! Congrats :D
A lot of cynical views will find my way I assume!

3omdaz said...

I just set it up this afternoon... yeah, i guess some serious controversy will be present here!

tarek said...

eih ra2yak fe tomo7at el shabab


Riham said...

I dont knw what to be said in such occasions ... guess Congrats :))
Yalaa get it started!

mostafa said...

Congrats , lets hope we are taking the discussions to a REAL next level . what do you think of Apparent religiosity VS actions or may be Ramadan contradictions ?

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