Ramadan 2013 - Post 4 - The ads I will NOT talk about

Hi guys,
Hope you're holding up well this Ramadan..

As we're halfway into Ramadan now, most of the ads are already out (the good ones at least).. We've already dug through most of them, with the exception of a couple, which are below.
This post will be a bit different.. I will not analyze nor grade any of the below ads, just showcase them and leave the evaluation up to you..

The below bunch are ads of brands that I work on or their direct competitors.. Thus it does not make sense for me to analyze or grade any as my assessment will never be neutral.. so these are just for your viewing pleasures (and further discussion if you want)..

Cadbury Dairy Milk:



The below set however, is just too horrible to even start discussing (in my view at least).. So i'll also leave them up to you..
With all their flaws, they still managed to stir a lot of discussions and raise awareness amongst consumers.. Maybe that was the original objective, awareness and not likability..



That's all for now..Stay tuned for more..
As always, hashtag #3omdazblog or mention @3omdaz for further discussions...



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