The campaign that saved Ramadan 2014..

Every year, comes out 1 campaign that becomes an icon for years to come.. From “Bibo far2a3 Gigi” in the early 2000s, to Melody Tunes (ol Ingelesh, ol za tayem) in 2007, Maxibon “Abooya” & Mobinil Dayman Ma3 Ba3d Song in 2012.. this year, it is beyond no doubt that Tecno Mobile is this campaign.

 ِAfter a rather disappointing season this Ramadan with little good copies; Hany Ramzy's thighs, and the Fridge that el gen el azra2 el quite fond of.. Tecno Mobile come to us with a fresh concept in 8 different copies that are all as hilarious..

It is becoming inevitable that mobile is the most important device in our lives, it is the one device that does not stay more than 10 meters away from you at any point during the day, you wouldn't go back home if you forgot your wallet but you'll definitely go back for your mobile.... need I say more?

With more than 120% penetration on mobile phones in Egypt, it is about time to elevate the smartphone penetration, currently sitting at a mere 15-20%.
Not the whole world can afford an iPhone 5S or a Samsung G5, someone had to step in with a more convenient option.. a more affordable thus attainable option.. is Tecno Mobile that option?

From a campaign point of view, the ads are great.. Great creative input from BBDO Cairo, great interpretation and cinematography from award winning director (and ex creative director) Ali Ali..

The situations are real, everyday hiccups that you find yourself in and only a smart phone can help.. 
Speaking of real situations, we actually beat you to a donkey selfie a couple of months ago on a business trip to upper Egypt :)

From another stand, the campaign seems to be getting a lot of heat for 2 reasons:
  1. A lot of people look at the campaign as an elitist one, looking down at doormen, mechanics, makwageyya...etc.. Well the fact of the matter is, if you're already one of that class, you'll probably just find it funny because these are situations that you come across in your day to day..
    Haters will always be haters... But that wave seems to be gaining popularity
  2. The phones sells itself as the "Smartphone for everyone"... I dont think "everyone" can particularly afford a phone that is 2300-2800 LE... Coming to think about it, the caliber we saw in the ad would be barely making this amount of money a month, let alone spare it on a smart phone for their leisure.. so I'm not sure if the disconnect here came from the client brief (which didnt highlight the price), or the agency that took their humor way too far to actually omit the fact they're actually going off brief..
    Either way, being so humorous about a certain chunk of society, while giving them a phone they can't afford will definitely loop back to point #1, that you're actually making fun of them...
    Also one piece of advice to Tecno Mobile social media handlers, make your dialogue on Facebook in Arabic, immediately... Some people are already not too happy with the ad but are asking for the phone anyway, at least reply back in the language they prefer; don't talk from your ivory tower up in the sky.. they wont like it and they'll lash you for it... soon
Concluding remark... great ad, loved the scripts and the humor...  I just hope it sells well with such a hefty price-tag.
Thank you BBDO and Ali Ali

Thats all this time..
Till we meet again,


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