Mid-Ramadan Commercials Critique - Part 2

Hi there,

A quick sequel to yesterday's post, because after I posted yesterday's review, some ads were released only yesterday and this morning... so consider this a quickie before the weekend!

1. El Misrieen Corporate - White Cheese:
Maybe I have a soft spot towards local brands that do high-quality ads, but is this ad great or what?
I love how they took a song from the deep roots of the Egyptian culture and turned it around, great copy-writing there. 
However, I wasn't so sure about the bit where they tear down the old logo, also the fact that the factory was old, dusty w 2ayel lel soqoot.. for me it shows that the company was at sub-par level before, then after the revamp it became great..
They should show continuous and consistent quality... or am I over-analyzing things?

Anyways.. I like the ad, good stuff!

Grade: B+

2. Sprite Lemon and Lime Ramadan 2010 - Promo 2

The Lemon and Lime characters are back with yet another copy..

This one has a mix of fiery, more daring statements (clear reference to arch-rival, 7UP), with some good old non-sense for HA-HA purposes (I'm not sure if it worked for u or not, it hasn't for me, except for the "Ghazat" part)!

As mentioned in a previous review (although I personally like these ads), but they're so extreme to the extent that I got some feedback from people who said they'll stop drinking Sprite because they think the ad is horrible.. So its either ADORE or DESPISE, no middle ground..

You choose....

Grade: B


3. Coca Cola Happiness in Cafe - Making:

Personally, I think that shooting this TVC was much harder than following a written script.. You don't know which table will order first, you don't know how people will react and you have ONE SHOT to make it work (for ppl outside the advertising field, it can take you 3 days to shoot a 30" spot).

Personally I think going for activations and BTL is a brilliant idea for the below reasons:

  • Recruiting brand loyalists from within the target will definitely create a lot of buzz around the brand.. Imagine yourself one of these ppl in the cafe, and you won yourself a PS3 or an LCD courtesy of Coke.. How many ppl will you call on the way back home to tell them about it, and how many ppl will these ppl talk to.. until your story becomes "a friend of a friend" legend.. The hardest medium to infiltrate and evaluate/monetize is "Word of Mouth", it also happens to be the one with the highest impact. Get people talking about your brand positivley, you're made! :)
  • Low cost: Although I can imagine that setting this up and getting it right at the first and only time was HELLACIOUS, but the cost of producing this TVC is a fraction of cost compared to any other commercial (even if you account for all the prizes that they gave away).. So its a smart and cost-effective move.
  • Pepsi didn't come this year: I know this too much of literal translation, but really "PEPSI magatsh this Ramadan"... Maybe they have an agenda, maybe they had a problem, thats not the point at discussion here.. Either way, Coke made use of that intentional/coincidental  absence and I bet brand health stats will go over the roof after these ads.
Grade: N/A, I already graded the copy before.. 

Thats it for now...
I'll see u next week Inshallah with more ads and reviews,


mahmoud said...

3omda...i agree with the grade given for Al Masryeen cheese..and think you over analyzed the company thing!!

Sprite Ad is simply Rubbish!!! They screwed the successful campaign they had before this faksa tamaman campaign..fe3lan molokheya!!

As for Coke..i think your being diplomatic the Ad looks so fake...and what gave it away was the dude that said "Momkin wa7deit Coka" (BTW he needs to Birell shwaya)...

Again i do not want to offend or belittle any one's work or brand bas that's my honest oppinion for you 3omda.

Keep them blogs and where is LG in all of this?

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