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Today, I wont be grading the ads I show, as the below ads don't aim at reaching their sales quota, nor out-voice competition .. They've got a more noble purpose, the overall welfare of the Egyptian people.

Although the creative concept is not great, nor is the production quality.. but the fact that someone took the initiative to invest money and effort in an attempt to make Egypt a better place is definitely something to be commended.

1. Anti-drug Campaign:

I don't think its going to be hard convincing people out there that drugs have indeed penetrated this society deep.. 
Lets admit a lot of us tried some of this stuff in an earlier stage of our lives. Even up-till now we know at least a bunch of people who are regular "consumers" of drugs (be it Class-A Cocaine, Acid, 'shrooms or just good old hash and Cannabis; Bango)... Although I'm quite ashamed to say that, but I know of people who smoke up even during Ramadan, this is how dependent people have become to drugs.... completely hooked

According to the National Centre for Social and Criminological Research (NCSCR), "consumers" of drugs has touched upon 10% early in 2010.. Meaning there is 8 million "modmen" fel balad!!
Most of this 8 million ppl are males between 15-35, which is an utter catastrophe, because its this same age group of people who should work their asses off during this period of their lives, to make something out of their careers and rise up with this country!!

The ads are too cliché , but they show the causes, the signs and the consequences.. Which is more or less what people need to be aware of..

2. Domestic Violence:
Another major issue that we face in our society is the loss of respect between spouses to the extent of physical assault.

According to the 2005 Egypt Demographic and Health Survey (DHS), Domestic Violence and assault on women range from 25% in A/B+ Classes to 40% in B- and below classes. These numbers are expected to grow to 30-50% with all of today's life pressure.

Violence against women has a host of negative reproductive health outcomes, including more sexually transmitted infections (STIs), higher rates of unintended pregnancy, limited utilization of prenatal care, and low birth weight. Egyptian women who experienced spousal violence reported having more children and more unintended pregnancies.

Well, not to belittle or dilute such matter, but this reminds me of Adel Emam in "El Wad Sayed El Shaghal", when he told Mostafa Metwalli "Di zoga w omm, wel omm madrasa... 7ad ye3mel fel madrasa kda??"
Although this is a skit in a comedy play, but it indirectly reiterates a principle that all religions and cultures have stressed on its importance.
Good mothers = Good generations to come... its that simple!!

3. Ethics Revival

Although there aren't any figures that can actually quantify this, but it is no secret that our society values and day to day ethics are going down the drain, maybe the above can serve as a reminder and help people refresh their memories of what is appropriate to do or not to do in some cases

A concluding note, I'm no angel, nor am I a preacher... Its just that I really hope to make this country a better place, for our generation and generations to come... and these ads are a mere reflection of other people out there who have the same thoughts and are thinking along the same lines.
When people talk about reform, they always refer to actions in the future, actions that only the next generations will reap its fruit... what about reform NOW? something that our generation can make use of.. Yes, I am being selfish.. I want to live in a better Egypt!

Hopefully we'll see this change happening in our lifetime, not watch upon it from heavens..
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Tham said...

Great job A.E. Very well done!
As you said, we might not be talking of a high quality production, yet still I think these are great initiatives, very important issues to be mentioned & are definitely worth being part of your blog not to mention worth being part of our daily TV campaigns. It's a start ..

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