Ramadan 2010 - Day 20 Commercials Critique

Saba7 el kheir ya Masr..

Shwayet e3lanat kda 3al saree3...

1. LINKDSL NETwassel Campaign:

A timely retaliation move by the country's first ISP, as TE Data has been hitting right, left and center in the past period..
Link DSL comes back with a pretty decent corporate copy. Its simple, warm and informative.
Note the orange polo t-shirt of the guy in the ad, a clear reference to Mobinil's full acquisition of last month (after partially owning for a long time).

A simple yet nice ad that would make u smile every time you watch it..

Grade: B

2. 3 Chefs Half Chicken Campaign

A nice set of ads... Although they're a bit exaggerated and cliché (the whole family sobbing because of the mom cutting onions has been used ever since the Charlie Chaplin era), but I actually like the ads, they're funny, light and stamped with the "Leo Burnett Cairo" trademark, the cheerful telescene and tone of colors.

The little kid (the son) is just out of this world, outstanding performance, funny, cute, playful...EVERYTHING... he's just GREAT!

You got some talent, kid... and probably you also got some more acting contracts coming your way soon

Grade: B

3. Scib Radio - What are your colors?

This is the first time I ever review a radio ad, because honestly there weren't any radio ads worth even mentioning... Although we've been tremendously progressing on TVC production and ideation, however our radio copies are way below world-class standards (just reminders, constant musical reminders that you hear a 100 times a day, thats why you know them).. But this set of ads actually took a complete turn in Egyptian radio copies... 

Steve Allen; US TV legend once said that "Radio is the theater of the mind, while TV is the theater of the mindless"..
I'll only use the 1st half of this quote in the above review... They indeed played along this line, I dare any of you to listen to this ad and not imagine what the voiceover says (the White dress, Red Sharbat...etc).. You might even close your eyes and go into a brief nostalgic trance reflecting a memory similar to that sound you just heard..

Thats is the beauty of this campaign, it takes you beyond just listening. It actually forces you to use more than the 1 sense you should be using.. It makes you think, imagine and maybe even SEE things.. This is something we haven't been used to do with the current ads on the radio.

Scib Paints and Leo Burnett Cairo have successfully managed to cut through the clutter of 1000 ads per minute on Nogoom FM to the extent that all the ads sound all the same!

Hope this would elevate radio production and ideation to a whole new level...

Grade: A

Thats all for this one folks.. Take it easy friends,


Ferrucci said...

Totally agree with you on Scib radio campaign.. well done LB. I also like how the copies are short and to the point, yet they deliver the message in an innovative way. This is what we call effective radio advertising.

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