Coke's 3rd Happiness Strike

By now we probably all saw Coke's first 2 "Happiness strikes" in the supermarket and cafe... Now Coke strikes in City Stars..

Check it out below....

Its an idea that would blow your mind when you see it while taking a stroll through the mall.. Great execution, and the fact that it also moves is awesome...
My only problem is that this is a miniature copycat of the US activation launched earlier this year (below)... They kicked off on a great pace, with original ideas and real buzz going around the activity.. but now, for me at least, they just did what their peers in the US did a year ago.. nothing exciting there.

But not everyone in Egypt saw that global casestudy... so for them the impact is HUGE..

One more thing, does it look fake or am I being too skeptical?
The guy in the blue cap is waving his smiley stressball and Coke cans to both cameras (in the fridge and on the side of it)...
What happened to the "candid camera" of genuine happiness??
This would make me reconsider the whole campaign's credibility..

I wont be grading this one since its not an original idea...
The original idea gets an A* though.


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