How the Egyptian Advertising scene has made it to the press...

Good afternoon 3la "Ahl Cairo" :)

Its nearly end of Ramadan, most of the ads are released already so it can get kinda tough to dig out new ones...
I'll only include one review at the end of the article but I want to share something else.

Remember the first real post on this blog, talking about the status of the advertising industry in Egypt and how it grew over the past 3 decades.. Well it doesn't just stop there, because over the past 2-3 days, there's been some articles by renowned journalists about the same topic, but handling it from different angles..

A journalist in Al Dostoor newspaper shared an article about the strong performance of the Egyptian advertising scene and that the collective efforts of the different agencies have raised the bar to the extent the people now watch ads more than they watch TV serials (a bit of an exaggerated statement I'd say)..
Nevertheless, this shows that the scene is becoming stronger by the day, to the extent she urges movie and series producers to watch and learn from the ad industry professionals..
Check it out here

However, Renowned journalist and author Dr. Lamis Gaber takes this to another level in her article "هما الوزراء بيشتغلوا إيه؟" "What do the ministers do for a living?". In this article, she picks one particular ad "Fantaloup" and debates how this reflects the current political scene in Egypt, whereby ministers always have a poor "Misil7i" to dump all their sh*t on and get them fired to keep their seats in the cabinet.

So what does all this tell us??
In my view, I see the advertising scene as a pure reflection of what the country is going through, just like books, movies and music.. Its as art of its own, a passion, not just a dayjob that pays the bill wa shokran.. And thats what makes it so special... dedicated people who actually LOVE and ENJOY what they do!

Way to go for all professionals who helped such articles to be posted by doing their homework and research well...

Now for the ads

1. Mo2men Memories:

Although the ad is a bit too long (we didn't need to go through all these moments, for cost purposes at least), but i kinda like the ad... A lot of these memories are true indeed, especially the 1988 scene (brings back these times indeed, Mo2men Merryland, Chicken Kiev sauce dripping on my tshirt and the metal tray hanging from my uncle's VW Beatles window)

So the people who actually have memories as such would relate heavily to this ad (zayy 7alati), I'd reckon other people would find it funny too..

Grade: B+

2. Mansour Corporate:

Honestly, I don't think corporate campaigns for cars make any difference anymore.. Everyone knows they're all the same, what it boils down to is price, service and word of mouth (what they've heard of the car)...

I believe saving budgets of such campaigns for producing proper ads of new launched models (eg: Mazda 3's outstanding copies Part 1 and Part 2), that would be more beneficial.

Grade: B-

C'est tout..
See you when I see you..
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