Ramadan 2010 - Day 4 Commercials Critique

Welcome back friends..

I can see there's been quite a decent amount of hits on this page since its launch, glad you guys like it... But with "likes", comes heat as well, over the past couple of days I've been getting some feedback from people in the field who don't agree to the grading I've put, asking me to take out the grade or the review all together...

So I just want to point out something to make things very clear to everyone, this blog is a personal blog reflecting personal opinions.. So I'm not a part of any Int'l Ad Critique body nor am I with the board of the IAA... If you like my reviews, then great.. If you don't, let me know how can I make it better...

I believe we're all professional enough to accept professional constructive criticism... Nothing personal here! :)
Enough blabbering, lets jump into some commercials that have been aired over the past couple of days..

1. Etisalat Ahlan - Pay Per Second:

Getting Maged El Kedwani is a smart move.. popular guy, down to earth, talking sane talk to people who actually think this way.. Why the hell should I pay for something I'm not using?? Makes sense! Thumbs up...

But beware, the beauty of Ramadan ads is the fact that we LOVE to see the ads and actually wait for them to air so that we can call our siblings and friends from the kitchen/the other room to see it.. With the ABUNDANT frequency this TVC is being aired, I would give it till end of this week maximum before people are bored of even passing by the TV while its playing.. So the Etisalat peeps should either tone down the frequency or have a backup of alternative copies (which I think they do).. Or else this ad will be dead very soon (copy wear-out factor for the adv ppl).

Just one quick note about Etisalat in general.. Do they take Ramadan as a kick-off season for a change in their corporate slogan? Last year in Ramadan they changed it to "Dlwa2ti wa2taha", and exactly 1 year later its "El Donia lessa fiha aktar"...
Nothing to criticize here but just something I've pondered at since they've launched their Ramadan campaign.

Grade: A

2. Vodafone Ramadan Recharge Offer:

Maybe I dont like these ads because we're not the target audience here... Actually no, Mobinil's Adaweya ad is great and its still not targeting us!
But this ad doesn't make me feel like I'd want to see it again... nothing catchy there!

Grade: C

3. Kitkat Icecream:

The ads are cool.... Not super, but OK... The Sayed M3awwad one is great though, his "atama" facial expression is priceless!!
I like the fact that they've identified their upclass target to talk to them and only them by putting characters from their daily life. So throughout all the ads you see people whom you knew from the club, university or even agency staff...
Add to that the fact that you're advertising an ice cream of a chocolate brand that nearly never officially launched on the media in Egypt.. So obviously you're giving this ad to the people who understand and appreciate what a Kitkat is.

One flaw there (for me at least)... The gym ad, I feel its too much of a "Hiiiiiii Hamzawi copycat"... I don't like that!

Grade: B+

4. Egypt - Where It All Begins - بداية الحكايه:

Well well well.... this ad is the least depiction of my beloved Egypt..
I REALLY like this ad.. definitely makes you want to see it again, share it, scream it out to the world out there, that you're proud to be a citizen of a country with all these wonders!
Music is great, composer Amr Mostafa did an excellent job there, a tune that would keep running in the back of your mind over and over again (I bet you're already playing it in your head right now).. Choreography is great as well... Plus all the changes in scenery, cities and activities... and guess what, ITS ALL TRUE, Egypt has all that indeed!!

I also love the fact that the ad has been used as a video clip on Musical Channels... smart tactic there!!

Grade: Straight A

5. SCIB - Story of the wall (Sherif & Amina)

I like this ad too... Its just pleasant..
Loving the effect that each movement of the characters has on the wall.. which is indeed true, houses hold lots of memories from different people..
The happy ending draws a smile on one's face.

Grade: A-

6. Fayrouz Free

Thats a very James-Bond-ish TVC... the music, the bubbles, underwater somersaults and clear sexual innuendos.
I'm just not getting the levers, pressure levels that EXPLODE by the 3rd Fayrouz... So its uhmmmm.... an arouso-meter?

The Ramadan copy is a bit toned down, sexually at least.. But the ad remains one that you'd want to see again.. thanks to smokin' hot Eastern European models.

One more thing... "Edeeni Aktar"??... Adeeko eh bezzabt, w FEIN??????
I would've rather gone for the "Howa Da El Tatawor El Tabee3i"... Makes perfect sense, a sugar-free drink is definitely the natural evolution of a malt drink that has always been pleaded guilty of a beer belly.

Grade: B

A couple of end note before concluding:
- Pepsi (still an F... a BIG f'n F too)...

- 7UP: I wonder what happened to the 7UP-Ramadan affiliation... I remember that year where Fido-Dido was back and he was EVERYWHERE... Pushing the hand-cart in Sequoia, holding the Fanoos in other tents all over town.. It was fantastic.... Why, Fido, why?

- Mobinil: Finally someone heard our prayers and is currently phasing out the Shaharazade copy, phasing in last year's kareoke musicals (Ya Wad Ya T2eel, Do22o el shamasi...etc).
An act of desperation? maybe.. but its still better than airing a copy that doesnt really say anything.. Besides, people LOVED this ad... give it back to them!

Thats about it for this one folks,
Till next time, take care


Anonymous said...


Tham said...

Fantastic Job OMDz !!
Concerning Omm el Donya ad, there's a beautiful Ramadan version as well "Masr ro7a f'Ramadan".

Hassan said...

a great post 3omdaz :D no words..
just one tiny winy comment about ad # 4 totally agree about ur thoughts about the ad yet i hate these kind of fantasy egypt they keep show us while the real egypt is.... u know.. i know it's silly but other than us ( merta7ein we salkin felbalad di ) eih sho3or moa6en ma67on we hwa shayef masr 3'ir masr elli hwa 3ayesh fiha ?? ( masr beta3et dokan she7ata masalan??!!! )

any way a greaaaaaaaaat post & i became an addict to ur blog dude :D

3omdaz said...

Well, 3la ra2y Adel Emam, el balad elli yshofha men fo2 mayshofhash men ta7t...

But anyways, these ads are mainly targeting people outside Egypt to start visiting it during Summer and Ramadan (Arab Tourists mainly).. and the ad doesnt lie, Egypt does indeed have all that and even more :)

Glad u like the blog... keep reading buddy! :)

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