Ramadan 2010 - Day 6 Commercials Critique

Hola Amigos,

Hope you're holding up well with the fasting in this heat.. Rabbena yataqabbal! :)

This one will be a bit short, as I'm starting to run out of Ramadan ads on Youtube, but thats no problem, they'll surface sooner or later.. or I'll have to source and upload them... so don't worry, reviews will keep coming in..

1. Coca-Cola Corporate - Ramadan Terrace:

A clear global/regional copy for Islamic countries (looks like a Pakistani production), doesn't follow the trend/colors/thinking stream of their creative team at FP7 (which I honestly think are one of the best in town currently).
The problem that some MNCs dont understand that each market has its own set of values, traditions and habits that differ from one market to another, specially in Ramadan.. But for cost-effeciency and global positioning purposes, global/regional copies are a mandate sometime. Just adapt it, add some Arabic supers and voice-overs and.. voila, ur on air!

The idea is cool, Coke bottles as flying Fawanees, sounds good... but mix that with Non-Egyptian music, a cast that doesnt even look close to Egyptian and not even a single item of Egypt's own Ramadan props..... uhmmmm.... I dont think this will click with the people..

Grade: B

2. Pepsi - Sales Promotion - 2.25Ltr for the price of 2Ltr

After a 1 week wait (missing a quarter of Ramadan already), they come out with a 2.25Ltr bottle for the price of a 2Ltr bottle.. a weak 10" graphics caopy that was done overnight... desperate? of course... saves face? of course not!
I would've rather have them not release anything than release this..

Obviously there's a problem... a big problem!
There's word on the market that they continued their contract with Ahmed Mekky like last year. Too bad for them though, there's also word that Mekky broke his leg and won't even be able to continue shooting his Ramadan Series "El Kabeer Awi", thus the TVC shooting is out of the window too (but again, thats still speculation and rumors, nothing confirmed so don't say you heard it here)

Force majeur situations in such crucial time are not never a good thing, that where your "HR Crisis Management Employee Training Programs" come into play..

I'm starting to feel for them after connecting these dots... but that still doesnt change the grade..
They better come back with a kickass copy (that they're probably working on right now)

Grade: Still an F

Thats it for now.. I'll be uploading some ads soon for your viewing and my reviewing (I like that, it rhymes nicely) :)



Anonymous said...

Even though coke's regional copy does not look very Egyptian, it still serves the message. The audio is not consistent with the usual coke jingle, however a change is good from time to time. And they're not Pakistani by the way, they're Turkish. Regardless of all that i think they made it up with their on-ground TV copies.

On a seperate note, i know as Egyptians, we are kinda dramatic, but there's no need to over dramatize everything!
The HR Crisis Management Employee Training Programs should come into play when there's a crisis, and I'm pretty sure such a big brand like Pepsi or Coke or Voda, Mobi, etc... plan for their Ramadan Campaigns 2-3 Months prior to the occassion to avoid having a crisis, so maybe it was a decision ;)
Anyway just a thought to keep your mind open.

Keep your reviews coming!

Anonymous said...

Actually I am happy that Pepsi are off air, maybe this sets a new trend for brands to avoid the huge waste of advertising budgets in Ramadan

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